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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Garden Ornaments for sale

In your own garden, there are many ways you can express your artistic taste, whether these ornaments are your own work, or made by others. They can be whimsical creations, ethnic designs, antiques, or anything else that strikes your fancy. Keep an eye out for unusual items whenever you travel, or visit craft shows, yard sales, and antiques shops. Use them to decorate a garden bed, enhance a vista, or display your favorite ironwork or collection of handcrafted tiles. 

But even if you don't have a collection to show off, one or two small objects can add a delightful creative element to your garden. Instead of using stone slabs as stepping stones, use cast stones which can be made in many shapes and sizes, with designs or inscriptions that have personal meaning. You may even find kits to make these stones yourself. Small mobiles that are supported by thin metal stakes are increasingly popular, and may feature birds, butterflies, flowers and insects. Peeking out from underneath a shrub or border, you might add a sleeping cat, a small rabbit, a frog or a turtle, made from a variety of materials. Such ornaments are meant to enhance your garden, not distract from the natural beauty of your surroundings. Let your imagine be your guide…
Interested?  SMS your order to 010 2840 661 or email to seedandothersforsale.blogspot.com
Kitty 1
Kitty 2
Sounds of Birds 1
Birds are moving, lights will on on & loud chirping sounds when they sense vibration
Sound of Birds 2
Birds are moving & loud chirping sounds when they sense vibration
Squirrel & Tortoise
RM10 each
Duck & Gnome
RM15 each
Mum and Baby Deer
RM150 per pair
Little Flamingo

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