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Friday, 31 May 2013

RARE FLOWER seeds for sale

Although exact numbers differ depending on who you’re asking, there are roughly 422,000 flowering plants in the world today. Flowers come in all sizes, shapes, species and colours, but sometimes what makes a flower truly special is its scarcity. Some of them are very rare to us, but possible to grow in our tropical land. Why not try something new or experiment your garden with something rare.. it’s definitely makes your garden drop dead gorgeous!! All type of flowers in our catalogue can survive in our tropical land if you put enough "TLC" on them...

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FLOSS FLOWER / Blueweed / Pussy Foot / Mexican Paintbrush / Ageratum Hustonianum Blue Mink
Environment: Sun/Partial Shade/Moist, well-drained soil.
Floss Flower is a small plant grown as an annual with a dense growth habit. Leaves are oval, downy and have heart-shaped bases. This splendid dwarf plant produces clusters of powder- blue flowers which provide a pronounced pincushion effect. The soft fuzzy flowers are dainty and feathery, and usually completely cover the plants. Each flower cluster consists of five to 15 tubular florets. Floss Flower is extremely versatile, and it is ideal for bedding displays or a potted plant. The size and color makes them a good candidates for rock gardens, flower beds, and containers. Deadhead regularly to improve the appearance of the plants and prolong blooming. The plant is quite easy to grow, and it is excellent for beginner gardeners.
RM2 per packet, 50pcs

BABY BLUE EYES / Nemophila Menziesii
Environment: Full Sun/Partial Sun/Dry/Moist
Baby Blue Eyes is low-growing clear, blue flower with white centers. It is a delicate little annual, reaching a height of around 6" or so, forming a cushion of neat, divided leaves, covered in saucer-shaped flowers of sky blue with a white eye in summer. Baby Blue Eyes grows well in sun or part-shade (and will sometimes tolerate full shade) and re-seeds easily. A good carpet plant for open areas but will do well as a container plant as well. The bright blue color attracts butterflies and birds. The plant blooms spring-summer.
RM2 per packet, 10pcs

BABY BUFFALO EYES / Baby Five Spot / Nemophila Maculata
Environment: Full Sun/Partial Shade/Moist Soil
Baby Five Spot is native to California, and it is cousin of Baby Blue Eyes. The plant has white blossoms with bright purple spots on the tips of each petal. The plant is a prolific bloomer that does well in hanging baskets or rock gardens, and it looks great under oaks. The Five Spot is good for carpets of delicate bloom in sun or light shade, and it is spectacular when grown in containers. Five Spot prefers average to moist, well-drained soil. It has a short bloom season, petering out when the weather gets hot. Give it part shade in hot summer areas. The plant can re-grow itself following spring if seed falls on bare ground. The plant attracts bees.
RM2 per packet, 10pcs

BIRD'S FOOT / Trefoil / Lotus Corniculatus
Environment: Full Sun
Bird's Foot is native to Europe and Asia, but has become naturalized in much of the United States. The plant produces small, pea-like flowers. Flowers are bright yellow to deep orange and are sometimes tinged with red. It tolerates compacted, infertile, and poorly-drained soils. Birds-foot trefoil is also drought and salt tolerant. Bird's Foot is grown as a forage crop and also as a groundcover. Along the stem, the oval leaflets are in pairs, but all the shoots leading out from the main stem have three leaflets on the end - hence the name trefoil, meaning three leaves. Bird’s foot trefoil should be seeded with grasses for optimum forage production such as: timothy, smooth brome, orchard grass, tall fescue, and perennial ryegrass. The plant also attracts deer, turkey, and rabbit.
RM2 per packet, 30pcs

BLOOD FLOWER / Scarlet Milkweed / Indian Root/ Asclepias Curassavica Environment: Full Sun/Partial Sun/Dry/Moist
Blood Flower is an erect, evergreen perennial sub-shrub, often grown as an annual. It has become a naturalized weed in tropical and subtropical pastures, fields and disturbed areas throughout the world, including central and southern Florida. Like most milkweeds, it has opposite leaves and milky sap. The flowers are orange and red and borne in terminal and axillary clusters that are 2-4 in across. It blooms continuously from spring until fall. Blood Flower is easy to grow, thriving in dry, moist, and even wet soils. Use scarlet milkweed in perennial borders and meadow gardens. Its dependable bright orange and red flowers stand out against the dark green foliage. Blood flower is a thin, unobtrusive little plant that can be squeezed in among other perennials and shrubs and still counted on to show off its pretty flowers. The plant attracts butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.
RM2 per packet, 10pcs

BLUE FESCUE / Festuca Glauca
Environment: Full Sun/Partial Shade
Blue Fescue is mound-forming, semi-evergreen perennial used as accent and specimen plantings in the foreground of borders and in rock gardens. Blue fescues look beautiful in this setting or mixed with wildflowers, but with the availability of seed they can be used in many other areas where low maintenance turf is desired. Blue Fescue is grown for the blue gray foliage. The flowers are insignificant and should be removed to help retain the mound like effect. Blue fescue must be planted in well-drained soil in order to grow their best. It has good winter color and looks green during this period. Blue fescues are very shade tolerant, often found in the dry shade of trees. This small-scale ornamental grass produces big-time results in the garden.
RM2 per packet, 10pcs

CALIFORNIA BLUEBELLS / Desert Bluebells / Phacelia Campanularia
Environment: Full Sun
California Bluebells is a delicate desert plant that blooms with brilliant blue color, bell shaped with 5 petals, about 1 inch in diameter flowers. The stems are reddish and hairy. This native annual adds wonderful deep blue to early spring, and is very adaptable to conditions. This little wildflower is a treat for Easterners and Midwesterners who have rarely seen it. In most meadows, after bloom, it is quickly covered by taller growing species. It is drought-resistant, but responds to normal rainfall and watering, forgetting all about its desert home. The plant attracts hummingbirds, bees and butterflies.
RM2 per packet, 10pcs

Cotton is most happy growing in full sun but can tolerate part shade, needs well draining, sandy soil. Although cotton can be grown as a perennial in some warm zones, it is most often grown as an annual.Growing cotton not only provides a beautiful plant with lovely flowers throughout the summer, but also is a great learning experience for the kids to see where the basic material for their favorite jeans comes from! Great for kids, schools, scouts or just your own kids in the back yard.
Did you know that COTTON is in the same family as Hibiscus? That explains the lovely yellow flowers it gets, which change to a dusty rose color throughout the day.
Great for kids, schools, scouts or just your own kids in the back yard, growing cotton not only provides a beautiful plant with lovely flowers throughout the summer, but also is a great learning experience for the kids to see where the basic material for their favorite jeans comes from! You can even save the cotton that you get in the fall and put it out in the spring for your neighborhood birds to use as nesting material or use it in your Holiday decorations as your own home-grown "snow"!
RM2 per packet, 3pcs

MOONFLOWER / Thorn-Apple / Datura Inoxia
Light: Full Sun
Grow Datura inoxia from seed in a sunny site with rich, loamy, well-drained soil. Soak the seed in hot water for 24 hours before sowing. Water your plant plant thoroughly when the surface of the soil has been dry for two or three days. Fertilize them with liquid kelp or with balanced liquid fertilizer every two or three weeks. Remove seed pods as soon as they appear to prolong the flowering period. Propagate them from seed collected from seed pods that have turned brown and opened up.
RM2 per packet, 10pcs

RED INDIAN BLANKET / Gaillardia Aristata
Environment: Full Sun/Moisture Average to Dry
 Indian Blanket is a hardy, drought tolerant perennial found throughout much of the United States. Easily established from seed, it frequently forms dense colonies of brilliant red flowers with yellow rims. Flowers are often up to 3 or 4 inches across, for a real spectacle of color.  They thrives in full sun in well-drained areas. Occasional watering will extend the blooming period. Allow seed heads to be completely dry prior to trimming and this will aid in reseeding for the following year. The plant is an excellent cut flower with a vase life of 6 to 10 days. The plant is attractive to bees, butterflies and birds.
RM2 per packet, 10pcs

RM2 per packet, 10pcs

BUNNY TAILS / Lagurus Ovatus Hare's Tail
Soft, fur-like, silky heads with grace and beauty. Plant in full sun & ordinary garden soil.
RM2 per packet, 10pcs

TIDY TIPS / Layia Platyglossa
Environment: Full Sun/Average but Prefers Dry Conditions
Tidy Tips is a short, hardy annual native to California. It has the attractive yellow flowers are isolated on elongated stems fringed with snow-white tips. The plant is very drought tolerant once established, and it prefers very well-drained soil in full sun. Tidy Tips has attractive daisy-like flowers, making it a popular garden ornamental and ingredient in commercial wildflower seed mixes. Tidy Tips is found throughout California's low-elevation dry habitats, from the coast to the low foothills and desert edges, and into Nevada. The plant attracts bees, birds, butterflies, and hummingbirds. Layia Elegans
An easy to grow annual with attractive, single golden ray-petalled blooms tipped with white and enhanced by a light fragrance. Ideal for adding colour to borders and attracting beneficial insects to your garden.
RM2 per packet, 10pcs

LADY BRACTS / Love-in-midst / Devil-in-Bush / Nigella Damascena Mixed
Environment: Full Sun/Partial Shade
Love in a Mist  is a charming Victorian garden annual. It is one of the most interesting looking flowers you can grow and this hardy annual has very fine, threadlike foliage and charming 1.5 inch flowers at the end of each branch. It forms interesting horned seed capsules, which are beautiful in dried arrangements. They comes into bloom very quickly. Once you see Nigella in bloom, you will always recognize it by its unique mist of airy bracts and foliage. The foliage is ferny, the flowers are fluffy and the seed pods are intriguing. The flowers mass in a meadow, they seem to float in a mist. Where winters are mild it can be sown in the fall for very early spring bloom the following year. The plant is very easy to grow. The plant is an excellent cut flower.
RM2 per packet, 10pcs

APPLE OF PERU / Shoo-fly Plant / Nicandra
Requirements: Full sunlight or light shade. Good drainage. Rich soil. Monthly feed.
Nicandra is a monotypic genus of flowering plants in the nightshade family containing the single species Nicandra physalodes. It is native to Peru, and it is known elsewhere as an introduced species and sometimes a weed. It is also kept as an ornamental plant.  Plants grow to 1 metre tall and are vigorous with spreading branches and ovate, mid-green, toothed and waved leaves. The flowers are bell-shaped and 5 centimeters or more across, pale violet with white throats. The flower becomes lantern-like towards the end of its bloom. The plant is thought to have insect replelent properties.  The genus is named for Greek poet Nicander, who wrote about plants.
 RM2 per packet, 10pcs

Requirements: Full sunlight. Good drainage. Rich soil. Moist soil.
Drought tolerant. Regular watering. Fountain grasses like to grow in sunny parts of the garden; ideally the soil should be moist, well drained, and fertile.
RM2 per packet, 30pcs

RM2 per packet, 5pcs

PYRETHRUM / Tanacetum Mixed
Requirements: Full sunlight. Average soil. Pinch tips. Once blooming has finished trim lightly and give a feed; this often results in an additional bloom.
They like to grow in a sunny part of the garden that has good drainage, and a soil of pH 6 to 7.5. The Pyrethrum plants should be spaced from 20cm (small varieties) to 60cm (large Pyrethrum species) apart. Pyrethrum refers to several Old World plants of the genu Chrysanthemum which are cultivated as ornamentals for their showy flower heads
RM2 per packet, 20pcs
SNOW IN SUMMER / Cerastium Tomentosum
Environment: Full Sun/Dry/Moist but Well Drained
Snow in Summer is a great herbaceous evergreen ground cover which is low growing, creeping, mat like, and 6 - 12 inches tall by 12 inches wide. The evergreen leaves are grayish green and covered with soft-textured whitish hairs. Each reaches 1 inch long by 1/4 inch wide and is oblong in shape, performs well as a general ground cover. Snow in Summer works very good on sunny banks that are too steep to mow, between stepping stones, and in the cracks of stone walls and ledges. Growth is moderate to fast. The plant performs best in well-drained sandy or loamy soil with low fertility. Excellent tolerance to drought and little watering is required. Prefer full sun; however, plants in hot zones do better in light shade.
RM2 per packet, 20pcs

TUSSOCK BELLFLOWER / Carpathian Bellflower / Campanula Carpatica
 Exposure: Full Sun/Partial Shade/Dry/Moist
Tussock Bellflower is native to the Carpathian Mountains. The leaves are small, tough, pointed, with saw-tooth edges, having the shape of feathers, hence the secondary common name Tussock, which means feathery or tufted. The plant is excellent as a groundcover in the mixed perennial border. It is a floriferous groundcover growing 6–12 inches tall with a compact habit. Grows well in full sun to light shade. Tussock Bellflower has from white to violet bowl-shaped flowers and grows into a mat. The plant is densely covered by the compact mounds of white, blue, or violet flowers. Trimming out spent blooms maximizes its beauty and assists continuous re-bloom. This very long blooming plant looks great in rock gardens or used in the front of the border. The plant attracts hummingbirds.
RM2 per packet, 50pcs

HORSEMINT / Bergamot Wild / Bee Balm / Monarda Fistulosa
Environment: Full Sun/Partial Sun/Dry
Wild Bergamot is a common Missouri native perennial which occurs statewide in dry soils on prairies, dry rocky woods and glade margins, unplanted fields and along roads and railroads. The plant is a clump-forming, mint family member that grows typically to 2-4 foot tall. Wild Bergamot has lavender, two-lipped, tubular flowers appear in dense, globular, solitary, terminal heads atop square stems. Each flower head is subtended by (rests upon) a whorl of showy, pinkish, leafy bracts. The toothed, aromatic, oblong, grayish-green leaves may be used in teas. The plant has a long summer bloom period. The plant attracts butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.
RM2 per packet, 20pcs

WILLOW BELLFLOWER / Peach Leaved Bellflower / Telham Beauty / Campanula Persicifolia
 Environment: Sun/Partial Sun/Moist well drained soil.
Willow Bellflower is peach-leaved bellflower is a rosette-forming, upright perennial which grows on stiff stems to 2-4 feet tall. The plant features large, outward facing, bell-to-cup-shaped flowers (1.5 Inch) which are porcelain lavender blue. Willow Bellflower is one of the most popular campanulas. Bellflowers are often considered early season bloomers, but you should get repeat blooms in a cutting garden, if you are diligent about cutting. The plant is excellent as a cut flower.
RM2 per packet, 10pcs

RM2 per packet, 20pcs

RM2 per packet, 20pcs

RM2 per packet, 10pcs

RM2 per packet, 10pcs

RM2 per packet, 10pcs

RM2 per packet, 10pcs

RM2 per packet, 2pcs

RM2 per packet, 3pcs

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