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Friday, 31 May 2013

RARE FLOWER seeds / plants/ cuttings for sale

Although exact numbers differ depending on who you’re asking, there are roughly 422,000 flowering plants in the world today. Flowers come in all sizes, shapes, species and colours, but sometimes what makes a flower truly special is its scarcity. Some of them are very rare to us, but possible to grow in our tropical land. Why not try something new or experiment your garden with something rare.. it’s definitely makes your garden drop dead gorgeous!! All type of flowers in our catalogue can survive in our tropical land if you put enough "TLC" on them...

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BLOOD FLOWER / Scarlet Milkweed / Indian Root/ Asclepias Curassavica Environment: Full Sun/Partial Sun/Dry/Moist
Blood Flower is an erect, evergreen perennial sub-shrub, often grown as an annual. It has become a naturalized weed in tropical and subtropical pastures, fields and disturbed areas throughout the world, including central and southern Florida. Like most milkweeds, it has opposite leaves and milky sap. The flowers are orange and red and borne in terminal and axillary clusters that are 2-4 in across. It blooms continuously from spring until fall. Blood Flower is easy to grow, thriving in dry, moist, and even wet soils. Use scarlet milkweed in perennial borders and meadow gardens. Its dependable bright orange and red flowers stand out against the dark green foliage. Blood flower is a thin, unobtrusive little plant that can be squeezed in among other perennials and shrubs and still counted on to show off its pretty flowers. The plant attracts butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.
RM2 per packet

Cotton is most happy growing in full sun but can tolerate part shade, needs well draining, sandy soil. Although cotton can be grown as a perennial in some warm zones, it is most often grown as an annual.Growing cotton not only provides a beautiful plant with lovely flowers throughout the summer, but also is a great learning experience for the kids to see where the basic material for their favorite jeans comes from! Great for kids, schools, scouts or just your own kids in the back yard.
Did you know that COTTON is in the same family as Hibiscus? That explains the lovely yellow flowers it gets, which change to a dusty rose color throughout the day.
Great for kids, schools, scouts or just your own kids in the back yard, growing cotton not only provides a beautiful plant with lovely flowers throughout the summer, but also is a great learning experience for the kids to see where the basic material for their favorite jeans comes from! You can even save the cotton that you get in the fall and put it out in the spring for your neighborhood birds to use as nesting material or use it in your Holiday decorations as your own home-grown "snow"!
RM2 per packet

cotton's flower

MOONFLOWER / Thorn-Apple / Datura Inoxia
Light: Full Sun
Grow Datura inoxia from seed in a sunny site with rich, loamy, well-drained soil. Soak the seed in hot water for 24 hours before sowing. Water your plant plant thoroughly when the surface of the soil has been dry for two or three days. Fertilize them with liquid kelp or with balanced liquid fertilizer every two or three weeks. Remove seed pods as soon as they appear to prolong the flowering period. Propagate them from seed collected from seed pods that have turned brown and opened up.
RM2 per packet

Requirements: Full sunlight. Good drainage. Rich soil. Moist soil.
Drought tolerant. Regular watering. Fountain grasses like to grow in sunny parts of the garden; ideally the soil should be moist, well drained, and fertile.
RM2 per packet

RM2 per packet

RM20 per plant

This tropical beauty easily grows indoors as a houseplant. Curcuma alismatifolia is also known as Curcuma or summer tulip, although it is not really a tulip at all.
Curcuma alismatiffolia is an exotic plant that grows from rhizomes and a member of the large ginger family. Native to Thailand or Cambodia, Curcuma alismatifolia has gray-green foliage reaching three feet in height. Some info on what is curcuma calls it a shrub. The plant has an upright habit and blooms on a scape rising above the foliage. Blossoms of the Siam tulip appear in late spring through fall, depending on the variety you’ve planted. These blooms range in shades of pink, red, rose and even brown. Tiny flowers also appear from the lower bracts, adding extra color to the Siam tulip plant.

RM50 per plant

RM50 per plant

RM60 per plant

result of SIAM TULIP from GO GREEN's buyer

RM15 per plant

Angel's Trumpet flowers are attractive, and very fragrant. While you may think of Angel's Trumpet as a tree, it is really a flowering shrub. Most people view it as a tree, because the recommended way to grow it for maximum blooms, is in the form of a tree. Native to South America, this perennial shrub can grow up to 20 feet tall.
Angel's Trumpet is a highly attractive and popular flowering plant. It has trumpet shaped blooms, in a variety of colors including white, peach, yellow, orange, even red and blue! Angel Trumpet are easy to grow. They prefer full sun, but will tolerate partial shade. They grow best in damp weather conditions, with warm days and cool nights. Plants like a rich soil to fuel their fast growth. Mix a healthy dose of compost into the soil prior to planting.
Angel Trumpet Flower are often grown in pots. Make sure to use a big container for this big, fast growing plant. You may need to water it daily during hot, dry weather.  Keep the areas weeded when plants are young. A layer of mulch will keep weeds down, and create a neat appearance. The mulch also helps to feed the big appetite of this plant.

RM15 per plant

RM15 per plant

RM30 per plant

RM15 per plant

RM40 per plant

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